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Here’s a glossary of Australian Terms. Some we were aware of before we left for Australia. Others we were not – and, they sure would have been nice to know!


AUSSIES  – Australians (pronounced Ozzies)

BIKKIE – biscuit or cookie

BILLY – a tin can used to boil water over an open fire

BLUEY – blue bottle jellyfish

BOOMERANG COAST – Sydney to Adelaide

BOWLS CLUB – outdoor lawn bowling alley

BREKKY – breakfast

BUSH TUCKERfood eaten in the outback

CAMEL TRAIN – camels used to transport people or goods through the outback

CHICKEN ROCK the 19 meter lower portion of Uluru before the chain to aid climbers begins

COAT HANGER – nickname for the Sydney Harbour Bridge

DIDGERDIDOO – an indigenous instrument similar to an alp horn

DROVER – cattle mover

G’DAY, MATE – hello, friend

GHAN – middle eastern camel drivers; the train that runs from Adelaide to Darwin

HOTEL – often just a pub (this definitely would have been nice to know)

JACK-A-ROO – Australian cowboy (rancher)

JILL-A-ROO – Australian cowgirl (rancher)

LANDSLIP – landslide

LAY-ABOUT – bum, slacker, a person who doesn’t work too hard or not at all

MEAT PIE – a hand sized pot pied containing diced meat, gravy, and maybe onions, mushrooms or cheese

MELBOURNE RIGHT – a confusing right turn from the far left lane of traffic that is exclusive to Melbourne (to be avoided at all costs)

MINGA – literally ants; also a reference to tourists climbing Uluru

NO WORRIES – no problem

PASTORLE – state run cattle ranch

POT – a large glass of beer

ROAD TRAIN – semi truck with multiple trailers

ROTTEN – drunk

SANGER – sandwich

SEE HOW WE GO – we’re off,  here we go, or let’s get going

SHEILA – woman

SKIVVY – turtleneck

SLEEPER – railroad tie

STUBBY – short bottle of beer

SUNBAKE – sunburn

SUNNIES – sunglasses

SWAGGY – a hobo or person traveling around the countryside (on foot) looking for work

SYDNEYSIDERS – local inhabitants of Sydney

TUCKER – food

WATER TETHER – desert fencing to keep cattle close to water sources

WHACKER – idiot, dumb ass, someone you have little patience for


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