Available in ebook, hardcover, paperback . . . and now a coloring book!

A Giraffe Who Makes You Laugh by Kim Marie

There is nothing as funny as a giraffe who makes you laugh.

Not a pig dancing a jig.
Not a flamingo playing bingo.
Not a cat swinging a bat.

Or is there?

You’ll have to read to the end of the book to find out what could possibly be funnier!

Available in ebook, hardcover, large paperback, small paperback . . . and a coloring book!

A to Z Animal Picnic by Kim Marie

Page after page of pets preparing and packing for the picnic.

Follow the animals, from Alexander Alligator to Zachary Zebra, as they make their way to the animal picnic.  Every page is a tongue twister – reinforcing the sound of each letter of the alphabet through repetition.  With a complete story, hidden pictures, tongue twisters, and ants to count, A to Z Animal Picnic is more than an alphabet book.


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About Kim Marie

WELCOME! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Kim Marie. As a child, I dreamed of being a teacher, an artist, a poet, an actress, and a mom.  I later discovered my love of travel. Today, I’m not only a mother, but also a grandmother.  And, I continue to be a creative, free-spirited, world traveling dreamer with a wide variety of interests.  I take chances and I try not to let fear of rejection hold me back.  Exploring, whether in my travels or with new creative techniques, fills me with energy. So, I will continue to create and continue to pursue adventures both near and far.  I hope you find something here that encourages you to live your dreams.  And, I hope your tenacity and accomplishments inspire others to live their dreams.

Be You! Be Brave! Live Your Dreams!


Thanks to Kim Marie, my friend, colleague, fellow Badger fan and artist extrordinaire “WE really ARE BUCKY.”  Thanks for letting us be a part of your dream.  ON WISCONSIN!     ~Jan

Love this gal. Can’t wait to see what she does next.     ~ Judy

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