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Early Sketches

Early Sketches

giraffe storyboard

Early Sketches

I had intended to start working on illustrations for my next book right after the new year.  But, I got stuck in my head and focused on the end goal – letting worry and self doubt creep in.  I’m happy to say that after a couple of months of distraction and procrastination, I’ve finally put pencil to paper and created the first few sketches.  It’s not much yet, but I’m giving myself grace.  For me, progress does not come in big waves, but in slow, steady drips.  I’m committed to making the next best choice and taking the next best action each day.  From experience, I know that “action begets action”. My future self is relying on me to stay in the moment and to make good choices today.

Is there a project that you’re procrastinating on? What is the next best action (no matter how small) that you can take today?


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