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I was trying to decide on a name for this story. Unfortunately, “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” has already been taken. I considered “The Mom, the Girl, and the Emu” . . . (you’ll have to read the blog series to learn why!)  In the end, I landed on the title, “Three Sheilas Down Under”.

Although this adventure happened in 2010, the story really began 3 years earlier, when my daughter, Lexie, came home from school one day as a high school freshman and exclaimed, “I really want to travel.”  “Great”, I said, “I love to travel, too.  Where should we go?”  She thought for a minute, “Hhhmmmm . . . Let’s go to Australia!”  I just laughed.  And, then said, “Oh, Honey, Australia is on the other side of the world.  Nobody really goes there.”

A few days later, high school report cards arrived in the mail.  I opened Lexie’s report card and saw mostly A’s with a couple of B’s.  “Nice”, I thought.  Then, I opened the one for my son, for whom senior-itis had set in.  “Oh, my God!  Is this kid even going to graduate?” I wondered.  Right then, I told Lexie, “You work hard, get good grades all through high school, and stay out of trouble, and I’ll take you to Australia when you graduate!”

The plan was hatched.  I don’t recall how far into her high school career before I realized I better start saving my pennies, but luckily I did!  Around the time I started saving, I also started researching the country:  places to go, things to see, adventures to experience. I mentioned my plan to a few of my friends. One day, Marcia asked, “Now, when are we going to Australia? 2009 or 2010?” From that point on, it was the three of us making plans to go to Australia – with Marcia practicing her Australian accent on me every chance she could. G’DAY MATE!


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