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We talked about panning for gold or taking a drive to see the Alaskan pipeline. Instead, we decided to explore the city on foot.  We strolled along the Chena Riverwalk. 

We visited the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race headquarters and shop in a log cabin with a sod roof near the Cushman Bridge.

We posed for pictures beneath the Farthest North Antler Arch.

We had a drink in Midnite Mine, a dark, cave-like bar.  It was so strange when we emerged to the bright sunshine.

We ate pulled pork and beef brisket at Big Daddy’s Bar-B-Q, a restaurant that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Our flight left the Fairbanks Airport at 9:25 pm.  We arrived in Minneapolis at 5:45 am on Friday, July 13. We left Minneapolis at 7:35 am and arrived in Madison at 8:40 am.

Over 14 days we explored at least as many cities by plane, boat, automobile, train, tram, dog sled, and funicular, staying in 10 different hotels, and eventually spied four of Alaska’s Big Five (moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and grizzly bear – we didn’t see a wolf – although I think a fox is pretty close) plus whales, seal, mountain goats, and eagles. 

We did all of this while dodging murder and mayhem along the way.  It was an amazing trip and a great mother-son bonding experience!

I don’t have any updates on the gravedigging shuttle bus driver or the suspicious toilet death, but here’s what I found out about some of the other trouble that seemingly followed us around the state:

No trace of the missing Mount Marathon Racer was ever found. No clothing has been spotted and no human remains have been discovered.

The Anchor Point murderer had been camping and was in the same area of the Kenai Peninsula on the days we were there. 

And, sadly, a former Alaska legislator, perished in the Homer plane crash that we heard about on our way out of town.


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