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Little Wake Up Call – not the 3:00 am alarm, but an antennaed cockroach in the bathroom. It didn’t want to die. I stepped on it 3 times, covered it with a Kleenex and stepped on it again. Lexie and Marcia assumed the commotion in the bathroom was just another day of me being frustrated with my hair! When they finally realized what was going on – Lexie screamed and Marcia’s fight or flight reaction kicked in – she apppeared at the bathroom door with one shoe on and the other in her hand.

Our flight from Cairns to Sydney was uneventful. We saw a rainbow at the Sydney Airport while waiting for our International flight. We were in the Security line with the AFL (Aussie Rules Football Team); they were heading to South Africa for ten days. Two Asian women tried to get through Security with four bottles of wine and a corkscrew. WHACKERS!

The flight home was not nearly as pleasant as our flight to Australia. First, we were tired, having been awake since 3:00 am. It would have been nice if they had turned down the lights and let us sleep, but most of the travelers were probably from Sydney and had a leisurely morning getting to the airport for their mid-day flight. Secondly, the plane was packed, so there was no room to stretch out.

All in all, Three Sheilas Down Under had a fantastic trip with wonderful memories to share for years to come!


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